Feldman considered suicide aged 11

The actor was thrust into the spotlight aged three when he appeared in a McDonald’s commercial and endured a troubled upbringing as a child star, later insisting fame wrecked his childhood.

He has now revealed he contemplated suicide shortly before before he made his name in films including The Goonies, Gremlins and The Lost Boys.

Feldman tells Britain’s OK! magazine,”(I pointed) a loaded gun at my head when I was 11 years old,” adding, “I would pray to God every day that he would kill me. I stole the gun from my grandfather’s bureau and hid it under the bed and asked every day for the strength to pull the trigger…

“From the moment that I can remember, three years old, I was locked in a room, basically, and made to learn songs to sing in auditions. I had a terrible childhood. I can only compare it to someone born in Ethiopia, or Iraq, or who is born into slavery, or gang life. Well I haven’t lived through that, but the next step down.”