Fergie Tears Up: ‘I wanted to stay married forever’


Fergie gets emotional as she discusses her split from Josh Duhamel in an upcoming interview on The Wendy Williams Show.

The Fergalicious singer separated from the Transformers actor in early 2017 but they didn’t go public with the news until September (17) when Fergie was on the promotional trail for her album Double Dutchess.

While the 42-year-old has managed to keep her composure when discussing her divorce, she displayed her vulnerable side during a recent interview with talk show host Wendy Williams, which is set to air on Thursday (26Oct17).

In a preview clip, Wendy commented how sad it was that they were no longer together, and Fergie replied, “It wasn’t my plan. I wanted to stay married forever.”

It wasn’t until Wendy started going over their history that Fergie, who shares four-year-old son Axl Jack with Josh, became emotional. Wendy recounted to the audience how Josh asked his team to get in touch with Fergie’s team and added, “He’s all tall and good-looking, not anymore.”

Fergie jumped to his defense and replied, “No, no, no. He is, he always will be. I love Josh. He’s the father of my child. We forever have that project together and we’re doing the best we can.”

She stops talking as if she is about to choke up and then adds, “You made me cry! Two minutes in and you’re getting me tearing up.”

Fergie and Josh first met on the set of Josh’s TV show Las Vegas in 2004, when Fergie’s band the Black Eyed Peas made a cameo in the series, and they married in 2009.

She previously explained to People magazine that they went public after months of keeping their split a secret because it was becoming challenging to navigate interview questions about their marriage.

“Honestly, it was just getting a little weird for us with all the romantic questions,” she said. “We’re great friends, we love each other so much, and it just got to the point where it was getting a little weird… there’s no perfect time so we just decided to do it.”