Fleetwood Mac co-founder Jeremy Spencer cancels U.S. tour

Reclusive Fleetwood Mac co-founder Jeremy Spencer has cancelled dates on what was to be his first tour in 43 years, due to stress issues that have impacted his health. Spencer, who quit Fleetwood Mac in 1971 to join the Children of Gold cult, has abandoned his plans to tour the U.S. and headed back to his adopted Ireland for treatment.
Pollstar.com reports suggest Spencer’s affiliation to the religious group, now called The Family Of Love, may have contributed to his decision to axe the tour.
Sources at his record label Blind Pig suggest the musician received death threats after announcing the tour, and officials at non-profit Safe Passage Foundation launched an online petition on Change.com opposing his plans, citing the cult’s questionable treatment of children.
A statement released through the guitarist’s publicist reads: “I have recently been under considerable stress due to unrelenting demands on my life and time. It has now resulted in potentially serious health problems for which I am compelled to return to Ireland for treatment. I am distraught over having to postpone what was to be a memorable tour.”