Foxx, Gibson & Shandling poke fun at Downey, Jr. in online skit

The trio ad-libs its way through the eight-minute Creative Brainstorming Meeting sketch as they attempt to find inspiration about what to say when their ‘pal’ is saluted by The American Cinematheque. The honour took place last month (Oct11).

Foxx reveals he’s still upset with the actor for playing a black man in Tropic Thunder, Shandling has no idea why he was asked to help write a tribute, and Gibson states, “I’m just here for the cheese plate.”

The trio then take aim at Downey, Jr’s temper, with Foxx claiming, “You always know when he’s about to blow – when he goes, ‘Dude, here’s the deal…'”

And the Ray star suggests the threesome should contact the Sherlock Holmes star’s former prison cellmate for some information about what sort of an inmate Downey, Jr. was while serving time on drug-related charges over a decade ago.

Foxx quips, “Did he fight his way out or did he just find the biggest guy there and marry him for protection…? He’s got a pretty mouth.”

The prison talk prompts Gibson to add, “I once went to visit Bob in prison but I was just trying to get good press.”