Franz Ferdinand frontman apologises to Pharrell for ‘borrowed riff’ jibe

Franz Ferdinand star Alex Kapranos has publicly apologised to Pharrell Williams after accusing the hitmaking producer of stealing a sample from one of his songs. The Take Me Out singer sparked what could have become a new music beef when he sent out a tweet on Friday (31Jan14), suggesting Williams had nabbed a riff from him.
He wrote, “Hey @Pharrell – I love your tunes. If you want to borrow a riff, just ask…” and linked the comment to Paloma Faith’s Can’t Rely on You, which was produced by Williams.
Kapranos wasn’t specific about the song he was referring to, but many fans felt sure it was Franz Ferdinand’s hit Take Me Out.
The singer appeared to change his tune on Monday (03Feb14), when he took to Twitter again and wrote, “@Pharrell Sometimes I forget how easily things can get exaggerated on here. I know you didn’t borrow any riffs. Sorry for all the press BS (bulls**t).”