“Frasier” stars disagree over addressing WTC attack

Kelsey Grammer and David Hyde Pierce are at odds over whether Frasier
should allude to the Sept. 11 attacks on a future episode. The
co-creator/executive producer of the show, David Angell, was a passenger
on one of the planes that plowed into the World Trade Center.

In an
interview with today’s New York Post, Grammer said,
“It’s been crossing my mind lately that maybe we need to at least
address [Sept. 11] in some way, because we’re a contemporary show, we’re
concurrent with what’s going on in our daily lives. … To completely
ignore it might be a mistake. So it’s something we will probably address
fairly soon.”

But, in a separate interview, Pierce disagreed, telling
the Post, “I don’t want to make too much of it, but I wouldn’t
underestimate the value of our not specifically dealing with those
terrible issues. …My feeling is that our place is to make people