‘Friends’ Reunion on the Horizon

Courteney Cox wants to reunite with her former Friends co-stars for a
Thanksgiving special of the smash hit comedy series.

The sexy brunette misses the show desperately, and even has clear ideas about
how the characters would have evolved – 18 months after the last ever show

She tells The New York Daily News, “I grew up on that show. Monica has done
nothing but give to me – the people I’ve met, the experiences I’ve had, the
money I’ve earned, the joy, the laughter.

“I can see us coming back together to do something like a Thanksgiving show.
Monica and Chandler would come in from the country with their two kids, who
are a couple of years old now.

“I think their story is continuing, even if we’re not watching. I think they
see each other every Thanksgiving.”

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