“Friends” Star Injured in Brawl

David Schwimmer, who plays Ross on the NBC sitcom Friends, was reportedly hurt after being caught in a brawl. The incident happened at a party thrown by the Pet Shop Boys in New York.

According to Sky News, Schwimmer, 35, was cut on the head when a woman he was with was glassed by another woman. The actor needed stitches after being showered with some of the flying shards.

The woman was taken to the hospital by ambulance but suffered only minor injuries.

A spokeswoman for Schwimmer said: “A woman from across the bar flung a glass at another woman. They were apparently a little rowdy and drunk.”

Schwimmer, she added, was just slightly hurt and said of his wounds, “They’re above his hairline, so they’re not visible. David was an accidental casualty. He’s fine now.”

Sky News also reports the Friends star was later seen wearing a baseball cap and commented, “A friend of mine was hurt.”