Fry offers to pay court costs for convicted ‘Tweeter’

Fry offers to pay court costs for convicted ‘Tweeter’

Paul Chambers hit the headlines in his native England earlier this year (10) when he was arrested for writing a message on the site threatening to blow Robin Hood Airport in Doncaster, northern England “sky high” after snowy conditions closed the building and he missed a flight.

He was found guilty of sending a menacing electronic communication and Fry, famous for his love of Twitter, was outraged by the conviction – especially as Chambers insisted the post was meant as a joke.

Chambers lost an appeal earlier this month (Nov10) and the judge ordered him to pay $4,500 (£3,000) worth of legal costs, but Fry has now offered to pay the fine out of his own pocket.

He writes, “Paul J Chambers. My offer still stands. Whatever they fine you, I’ll pay.”