Fuhrman: ‘I’d like to have a chat with O.J. Simpson’

Mark Fuhrman was convicted for lying about his use of derogatory words and when Simpson’s legal team discovered he wasn’t being honest they pressed the jury to acquit the Naked Gun star on charges he had murdered his wife and her pal.

The lawyers suggested Fuhrman had planted a blood-stained glove at Simpson’s home. The glove was a leading part of the prosecution’s evidence.

As a result the jury acquitted Simpson of murder and the former American football star left the court a free man.

But Fuhrman, who was one of the lead detectives on the case, is still convinced of Simpson’s guilt and would like to interrogate the star further – when he is released from jail in Las Vegas on charges of kidnapping and armed robbery.

Appearing on Monday’s (10Oct10) Oprah show in America, the disgraced former cop said, “The first thing I would say is, ‘I know you didn’t mean to kill two people, and you didn’t go there for that and it wasn’t a first-degree murder.’

“The evidence is pretty clear, exactly the progression of how the murder went down.

“Simpson had a history of stalking her (Nicole) in a way that he wanted to see what she was doing; he would say ‘I’m leaving’ earlier than he actually would when he was going out of town, and then he would stalk her.

“He knew about a relationship between her and Ron. I had uncovered this before the trial ever started… For some sick reason, he wanted to see it for himself… He knew that Nicole was home and when he was gone, her habit was that, ‘He’s not around, so I can bring somebody over to the house’.

“I think she saw him hiding or lurking around in the bushes and I think there was a confrontation at the front door.”