G-Rated Movies [Bleepin’] Violent

Now, it can be told: “Bambi” — and his G-rated movie friends — are bad for your fragile, little mind. A study published today in the Journal of the American Medical Association says G-rated animated movies aren’t all kids’ stuff.

To reach a conclusion that startles no one who was scarred by watching Bambi‘s mother get pumped full o’ lead, a pair of Harvard researchers watched 74 animated, G-rated features released from 1937 to 1999, from Disney’s “Snow White” to Disney’s “Tarzan.”

They found this: Every film contained at least one act of violence (defined as “physical contact” that seeks to injure or harm); one film contained as much as 24 minutes of violence (1998’s “Quest for Camelot“); 62 percent of the films showed characters injured as a result of violence.

On the plus side, “bad” people were much more likely to be killed in G-rated movies than “good” people.