Gabourey Sidibe dedicated to changing plus-size conversation


Gabourey Sidibe is fighting for more plus-size visibility.

The American actress was a keynote speaker at The Curvy Con last week (ends 09Sep18) in New York, an event which offered a different take on style during the city’s Fashion Week.

Talking to Teen Vogue before she went on stage to deliver her talk, the Precious actress revealed designers often refuse to give her clothes because she’s “too fat”.

She also said that she jumped at the chance to be part of the 2018 Curvy Con conversation.

“Even though we are moving towards more visibility for plus-size people, there is a lot (of) pushback,” she explained. “So it’s important to keep fighting (and) to keep being visible until the conversation changes and (it) is no longer about our bodies because I’m not my body. I’m a whole person.”

Earlier this year, Gabourey opened about how she struggles with choosing an outfit for red carpet events because she fears what people will say about her clothes.

Speaking at the MAKERS conference in Hollywood in February, the 35-year-old Empire star said no matter what she wears, people will slate her on social media.

“It’s really hard to get dressed up for award shows when I know I’ll get made fun of because of my weight,” she sighed. “If I wear purple, somebody will call me Barney (the dinosaur from children’s show Barney & Friends). If I wear white, a frozen turkey. If I wear red, a pitcher of Kool-Aid. These are actual tweets I’ve gotten.”