Gabrielle Union Gets Boozy to Survive Hectic Holidays


Actress Gabrielle Union cracks open her liquor cabinet early during the festive season because the booze helps her deal with the hectic holidays.

The Bring It On star and her husband, basketball ace Dwyane Wade, love to throw big family gatherings, but Gabrielle confesses she rarely plays hostess completely sober.

“I like to be pretty tipsy by the time it gets started,” she told “Usually I find a little booze ahead of time. (It) kind of eases you into the holidays and gives you the space to not stress out.”

“I’m not thinking about who’s not talking to whom,” she added, although that usually isn’t much of a problem. “(I) try to not invite people who are at war with each other.”

The actress also makes sure to inform her guests that presents for the hosting couple are not necessary whenever they’re invited to the Wade household.

“I hate them,” Gabrielle confessed. “People always feel the need to bring gifts, which then lends itself to more thank you cards.”

“I’ve invited you to my home, not for you to bring me gifts, but just because I want your presence,” she continued. “I don’t want to add stress to your life.”

Instead, the 45-year-old beauty prefers friends and family to join her in having a cocktail, and if she finds herself struggling with a hangover the next morning, she heads straight to her favorite fast food spot – Taco Bell.

“From college days on, it’s amazing in a pinch,” she smiled.