Gabrielle Union once brought a casserole to one of Prince’s wild parties


Gabrielle Union once brought a tuna casserole to one of Prince’s exclusive parties.
The Bring It On actress had met the Purple Rain hitmaker on several occasions before his shock death at the age of 57 in 2016.

Gabrielle was first invited to one of Prince’s parties in 2005, and during an appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen on Monday (14May18) she shared that she decided to bring along an unusual gift for the host.

“We’re both from the Midwest, who doesn’t love a tuna casserole?” the Nebraska-born star shared. “He loves it. He’s a Midwest guy. If you’re not from the Midwest maybe you don’t understand the love and the lure of a tuna casserole but Prince did.”

Gabrielle went on to explain that Prince’s parties were “super diverse, very random and a lot of fun.”
But she always attended on her own due to the music icon’s strict rules about guests.

“You would just get the address (sent in a text message) and had to hope that whoever you went out to that event with also got a text because you could not bring a plus-one,” she shared. “We tried it once; it didn’t end well.”

Meanwhile, host Andy also asked Gabrielle if she was in attendance at the party in which her pal Beyonce was allegedly bitten by an unnamed actress. While fans around the globe desperately trying to unmask the culprit, the star remained tight-lipped and refused to comment on the drama.

“I was not at that party. If I ever knew, I would not tell. The easiest way to get ostracised and uninvited is to talk out of school,” the 45-year-old said coyly.