Garber was a last-minute Charlie for the Angels

Actor Victor Garber was hired to replace first choice Robert Wagner as the voice of detective agency owner Charles Townsend at the beginning of the week (beg19Sep11).

He jokes, “They (producers) were in a panic. I think my agent was negotiating with someone in the Emmys audience (on Sunday).”

But Garber is thrilled to be playing the role which was originated by the late John Forsythe.

He tells TV Guide magazine, “This is an out-of-the-blue, out-of-body experience. I’m just happy they settled on me… I was really walking in off the street.

“They showed me the opening title sequence, where I introduce the Angels and tell the story of how it all happened, which is sort of the most important thing.”

And he insists he’s very excited about developing the new Charlie: “There will be implications that he is more involved than in the original series. He’s an interesting, complicated guy and it will be fun to explore that as the series goes on.”