Garth Brooks-themed radio station shut down

A country music radio station dedicated to Garth Brooks has been shut down by the singer’s legal team for using his name and likeness without permission. Bosses at WKRA renamed their channel to GARTH-FM during America’s Memorial Day weekend (23-26May14), adopting the tagline “Garth, the Whole Garth, and Nothing But the Garth”, and even using the hitmaker’s face as their logo.
However, Brooks’ lawyers took action against station executives, serving them a cease-and-desist order to stop using the singer’s name and likeness.
In response, radio officials changed the name to XXXXX FM in order to avoid further legal implications while management sorts out the case.
Station managers have continued to play Brooks’ music, and programme director Todd Schumacher is trying to figure out a way to move forward with the channel.
He says, “Our programming team is currently behind closed doors determining the evolution of our radio station. We don’t have a solution now, but we will soon.”
The battle is the latest legal problem Brooks has faced in the past year (14) – in February, he won a legal battle against a former employee over an unpaid debt.