Gary Oldman Convinced His Fifth Marriage Will Last


Actor Gary Oldman is positive his fifth marriage will be his last.

The Dark Knight Rises star quietly tied the knot with art curator Gisele Schmidt before heading to Canada’s Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) in September (17) and the 59-year-old is satisfied he’s finally found his soulmate.

“I’ve gone through my thing and we’re like peas in a pod,” he tells the New York Daily News of his relationship with Gisele. “I’m nearly 60 and at last I think I’ve come home.”

The star has been married to Lesley Manville, Uma Thurman, Donya Fiorentino, and Alexandra Edenborough, but Oldman doesn’t regret any of his previous relationships.

“You know, sometimes you have to go through the others,” he says.

Gary, who shares eldest son Alfie with Manville and his two younger boys with Fiorentino, views his expansive family of exes as a ‘the more the merrier’ situation, citing his new friendship with Gisele’s former husband as a perfect example.

“Her (Gisele’s) ex, they were together 20 years and they have a nine-year-old son, he’s a great guy,” Oldman smiles. “He was at our wedding. We’re all very friendly. He even said, ‘We should have been friends, I wasn’t Mr. Right’. But they’re great buddies.”

As newlywed Oldman celebrates his new life with Gisele, he also has an exciting 2018 to look forward to – he will be receiving the Maltin Modern Master Award at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival in California in January (18), and he is also a critics favorite for the Best Actor Oscar for his performance as former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill in Darkest Hour.

“There’s certainly a big line of people who want it (the Oscar) for me, that’s for sure,” Oldman, who received an Academy Award nomination in 2012 for Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. “Of course it would be nice – and nice to win – but the last one (Oscar nomination), I enjoyed the ride and I’d never been on that train before.”