Gary Oldman Surprised by Stephen Dillane’s Appearance in ‘The Crown’


Gary Oldman did a double take as he watched historical royal drama The Crown after spotting his Darkest Hour co-star Stephen Dillane appearing alongside another actor as Winston Churchill.

The Batman Begins star takes on the role of Britain’s iconic wartime Prime Minister in his new critically-acclaimed movie, with Dillane portraying political rival Lord Viscount Halifax.

Oldman had no idea the film was the Game of Thrones actor’s latest venture back to the 1940s, having featured as British painter Graham Sutherland in one episode of Netflix series The Crown, on which John Lithgow was cast as Churchill.

“I went, ‘That’s Stephen Dillane! In a scene! With Churchill!’,” he recalled to The Wrap. “So I wrote to Stephen and I said, ‘You are a gentleman, because you never ever mentioned or gave away the fact that you worked with another Churchill.’ And he wrote back, ‘I only work with Churchills.'”

Oldman also reached out to Lithgow after binge-watching the first season of The Crown to applaud him for his Emmy-winning portrayal.

“I got John’s number and wrote to him and said well done,” Gary shared. “We addressed each other, ‘Dear Mr. Churchill.'”

Oldman’s turn in the Darkest Hour is expected to earn him further awards season recognition in the coming weeks after scoring a Golden Globe and a Screen Actors Guild Awards nomination for Best Actor last week (begs11Dec17).