Gary U.S. Bonds stole meat to feed kid

Legendary singer/songwriter Gary U.s. Bonds was so poor as his music career was taking off he stole meat from grocery stores, just so his baby girl could eat. Bad deals and crooked managers left the Quarter to Three hitmaker more than a little short of cash when his songwriting should have been paying the bills – and he took to extreme measures to make sure his child didn’t go hungry.
He tells, “Even after we had hits, I had no money and I had a baby and she had to eat. I’d go in the market and stick a steak in my shirt, and you don’t realise it’s bleeding through and people were looking at me like, ‘Did he get shot, or something?’ I did what I had to do but I wasn’t a good thief. I was just a lucky thief.”
And even while he was enjoying chart success in the late 1950s, he had to resort to recycling bottles for cash: “I would drive in a brand new Cadillac and fill up the back picking up bottles along the side of the road. It was three cents then a bottle.
“Since I was basically the only one doing it, all the bottles were out there for me on that stretch of highway. I could fill up a trunk in less than an hour. I was a pioneer in the bottle selling business!”