George Orwell’s scarves up for auction

Several scarves stained with the blood of author George Orwell are to go up for auction next month (Oct13). The accessories were around the 1984 writer’s neck when he was shot in the throat by a sniper near Barcelona while fighting in the Spanish civil war in 1937.
A colleague saved the bloodstained scarves after the incident and they are expected to sell for up to $1,800 (£1,200) at a Bloomsbury auction in the U.K. in October (13).
A spokesman for the auctioneers says, “To have something that relates to such a significant part of (Orwell’s) life is especially unusual. I think it is a really interesting item. George Orwell was such a private person, very few examples of his signatures and photographs exist.”
Orwell survived the shooting but died in 1950 after a battle with tuberculosis, aged 46.