Gerard Butler Nearly Overdosed on Bee Venom Twice


Gerard Butler felt foolish after nearly overdosing on bee venom on two separate occasions.

The Scottish actor is currently promoting his new movie Geostorm, an action film in which he portrays a satellite designer who tries to save the world from a storm of epic proportions.

Gerard was required to wear a heavy spacesuit for the part, and to counter the inflammation it caused, he decided to try an alternative bee venom treatment recommended by his nutritionist.

“(The venom practitioner) gives me a shot in the arm to check that I’m not allergic,” he shared during an appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers on Thursday night (12Oct17). “So, then he gives me another 10. And then I have the worst reaction. I’ve never had an allergic reaction (before). I get ants in my pants and in my head, and suddenly my arms start swelling, I get all blotchy. My heart’s beating, I’m sure it’s going to explode.”

While Gerard considered calling for an ambulance, his symptoms calmed down a short while later. Yet, the incident didn’t scare the star for too long as he decided to inject himself with bee venom again a couple of days later.

“(I thought) maybe it wasn’t an allergic reaction. Maybe I just took too much. So, I take a shot, thinking it’s going to be O.K., and I have an even worse reaction… my throat was closing up,” the 47-year-old sighed.

Accordingly, Gerard got a driver to take him to the hospital, and he was fine. But he admits he felt a bit silly after explaining what had happened to the doctors.

“They say, ‘So it’s a bee sting. What happened?’ And I go, ‘Well, I injected myself,'” he smirked.