Gerard Depardieu turning down French movie offers

French actor Gerard Depardieu is refusing to make any more French films after moving out of his homeland and becoming a Russian citizen amid a row over tax hikes. The Green Card star quit France in December (12) and now splits his time between Russia and his home in Belgium, but he has returned to his native country to shoot a new soccer movie in which he plays World Cup founder Jules Rimet.
He will spend three weeks shooting F2014 in France before the film location moves on to Switzerland, but Depardieu is adamant he is refusing to work on any more French productions, telling AFP, “This is the first time I’ve filmed again in France (since the tax dispute). I’ve refused all French movies because people did not understand. I’m Russian and a Belgian resident. I live in Russia. In 15 years, I have spent maybe only five months in France. Since December 2012, a month and a half. I am not escaping the taxman but the way governments use the money they take.”
F2014 will be released in 2014 to coincide with the soccer World Cup in Brazil.