Gibson’s publicist adds weight to movie star’s custody battle

Revered Hollywood PR Alan Nierob, who has represented Gibson for almost 15 years, suggests Oksana Grigorieva was a publicity-hungry girlfriend.

In legal papers obtained by, Nierob writes, “In my opinion she enjoyed press events more than most of my clients’ spouses and significant others.”

And he also recalls being around the Russian singer after the alleged fight between her and Gibson, which sparked the beginning of the end of their romance.

He recalls she was “joking, laughing and extremely happy” at a dinner three weeks after the reported fight.

The news breaks the day after Grigorieva appeared on U.S. news show Larry King Live and revealed she lived in fear of her ex towards the end of their romance – and didn’t think he was a good father.

This claim Nierob also dismisses, stating, “On a multitude of other occasions, Miss Grigorieva commented to me that she believed Mr. Gibson was a ‘great’ father to Lucia.”