Gilbert finds new man in Paris – report

Gilbert finds new man in Paris – report

Late last year (11), following her split from husband Bruce Boxleitner, the Little House on the Prairie star announced she would be jetting off to France for the New Year celebrations to boost her morale.

She said, “For New Year’s I am doing something I’ve never done in my whole life, I’m going by myself, to Paris, for a week and I’ve rented an apartment and I don’t have an agenda. I’m going to go to museums and eat a lot of Brie cheese and just try to enjoy being on my own.”

It seems she found love in Paris and is now dating car restoration expert Thierry Gauchet.

A source tells Life & Style magazine, “He sends her really sweet texts in French.”

Confirming the French romance on, Gilbert recently shared her favourite romantic text from her new man with followers: “My favourite TG text so far: Je te veux… en quelques jours tu es devenue si importante… c’est toi, c’est l’endroit, c’est le moment…”

The text translates as: “I want you. In a few days you have become so important. It’s you, it’s the place, it’s the moment.”