Gina Lollobrigida threatens legal action against ex over alleged fake marriage

The ageing sex symbol has filed a formal complaint against Spaniard Javier Rigau y Rafols, her former partner of 20 years, claiming he married an imposter who claimed to be Lollobrigida during a civil ceremony in Barcelona.

The 85 year old says, “This vile and dishonest person married me by proxy, without my knowledge, without my permission, in order to inherit my estate after my death. There will be an international investigation into everything because I want to shed light on this squalid affair and all the people involved.”

She tells The Hollywood Reporter she discovered the fake marriage after coming across a document online that suggested she was married to Rigau: “It seems that in November 2010 he became my husband, before eight witnesses.”

Lollobrigida confesses she did consider a proposal from Rigau, who is almost 40 years her junior, in 2006, but decided not become his fiancee.

She claims he pulled off the alleged fake marriage after obtaining a power of attorney in order to help the former actress take care of a handful of legal problems. Lollobrigida fears that allowed him to carry out the bogus marriage ceremony.