Gina Rodriguez’s cousin to serve as friend’s doula

Actress Gina Rodriguez has helped her cousin land a new job as the doula for a pregnant friend.
The Jane the Virgin star introduced the pair at a recent housewarming party to celebrate her first property purchase, and the two hit it off so well, Gina’s relative will now serve as the pregnancy support expert for her close pal.
“My cousin is a doula, and she’s now going to be the doula for my friend that is pregnant – and they met at my house!” she told “That just recently happened, and it was so special. My cousin is the best, and this is going to be her fourth or fifth birth (as doula). It’s so cool that I could bring them together.”
Gina was particularly thrilled with the new connection because she was determined to play the perfect party hostess.
“I want to feel as though I’m successfully bringing people together to meet each other,” she said. “You have your work groups and your family and your friends, and when someone in my family gets to meet new friends of mine, it warms my heart. I love the crossing of different worlds.”
The actress has partnered with beer brand Stella Artois to celebrate her new role as a homeowner for its Host One To Remember campaign, which encourages fans to “take this moment in time and celebrate and hold it”.
Gushing about her new pad, she shared, “It’s been such a sanctuary for me. It’s big enough to host people, but it’s not too big where I can’t clean it myself.”
And the star is excited to use her new Los Angeles home as the place for her friends and family to gather in future.
“I need to make memories,” she explained. “And I’m making that a priority.”