Giorgio Moroder’s memoirs snubbed because he refuses to kiss and tell

Legendary hitmaker Giorgio Moroder’s autobiography plans have been rejected by multiple publishing houses because he refuses to name and shame his famous friends. The mogul, who produced and composed a string of hits for the likes of Donna Summer, Blondie, Daft Punk and Freddie Mercury from the late 1970s through the 1980s, admits he’d love to write his life story but publishers are only interested in scandal and controversy.
He tells, “I was offered to do biographies, at least three or four. A biography is only interesting if you have something really interesting to say, and I can’t talk about my girls and their stuff.
“And then you talk about friends, and, if you tell the truth, they get all p**sed. So I’m trying to avoid it, actually. When I’m dead, somebody can write my biography.”