Glanville marries ‘best friend’ in Vegas

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star exchanged vows with Mixed Martial Arts manager Darin Harvey at a wedding chapel in Sin City on Saturday night (31Dec11).

Announcing the news in a series of posts on Sunday (01Jan12), she wrote, “I’m married again – suuuuuuck it!… um he is my best friend but after some beer and strippers he is now my husband! No joke!… Getting my ring tomorrow! Yes I did really do it!… It wasn’t planned and we will handle it, but good times!”

However the happy couple may not be husband and wife much longer – Harvey wrote in a post on his Twitter page the same day: “Don’t worry @BrandiGlanville and I had a crazy Vegas moment. Getting annulled tomorrow.”

Glanville has two children with actor Cibrian, who is now married to country singer LeAnn Rimes. The pair divorced in 2010.