Godard still considering Governors Awards appearance

The filmmaker’s wife released a statement over the weekend (04Sep10) declaring the 79-year-old Breathless director would not be attending the prestigious event in Los Angeles to receive “a bit of metal”.

Anne-Marie Mieville told The Australian, “He just told me, ‘It’s not the Oscars’. At first he thought it was going to be part

of the same ceremony, then he realised it was a separate thing in November. Jean-Luc won’t go to America, he’s getting old for that kind of thing.”

But Academy bosses have revealed Godard has responded to them directly, explaining he will be there if he can make it.

A spokesperson reveals the director has already written back, explaining, “In his letter, he graciously thanked the organisation for the honour and referred to himself as ‘the fourth musketeer,’ in acknowledgement of the fact that three others (Kevin Brownlow, Francis Ford Coppola and Eli Wallach) are among the year’s honorees.

“His note, relayed to the Academy late last week via an assistant to Godard, indicated that, schedule permitting, he would come to Los Angeles for the November 13 Governors Awards event.”