Goldberg caves in to craze

The Ghost star has been warning devotees for months to be aware of impostors on websites like Facebook, and, insisting she has nothing to do with the pages that have been set up in her name.

But the actress has now caved in to the celebrity microblogging craze in a bid to keep fans up to date on all of her upcoming events and appearances.

Speaking on her daytime talk show The View, she says, “I have been driven absolutely crazy. I have just launched the official Whoopi fan Facebook page.

“Here’s what important to know: you can find out anything I’m doing, what’s going on, everything that there is to know… It’s the only page that I have put out so anything else that you see that has my name on it, it’s not me. And for all those fake Twitter accounts, there are eight of them, not one of them is me.”