Grizzly Hollywood Murder Trial To Begin Today

Hollywood’s most grizzly murder case gets underway today as the man
who allegedly beheaded screenwriter Robert Lees in a double homicide faces the
death penalty.

Kevin Lee Graff broke into the home of the 81-year-old, who wrote for silver
screen comics Abbott & Costello and Alfred Hitchcock, last June, and
allegedly decapitated Lees without apparent motive.

Graff then apparently carried the severed head of his victim to a neighbor’s
house and then murdered the neighbor.

The suspect was later apprehended and arrested by police as he tried to break
into Paramount Pictures’ lot.

Special circumstances are expected to be included in Graff’s trial, meaning
the alleged killer could be sentenced to death under California law.

The decapitated victim was an acclaimed screenwriter during Hollywood’s
golden age, but was blacklisted in 1951 due to his links to the Communist

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