Guillermo del Toro distracted by his baggy trousers during Oscars ceremony


Guillermo Del Toro was distracted by his baggy trousers for the duration of the Academy Awards on Sunday night (04Mar18).

The Mexican filmmaker received Oscars for Best Director and Best Picture for his work on fantasy film The Shape of Water at the star-studded event, with the film also winning Best Original Score and Best Production Design.

However, Guillermo felt very self-conscious every time he ventured onto the stage to collect his prizes, and explained during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Monday night that he was uncomfortable due to an ill-fitting tuxedo.

“I learned that tuxedo pants have no belt, and normally my belly is my no belt protector, but I’ve been losing a little bit of weight because of the stress, so all night my left love handle kept popping,” he said. “Under the tuxedo I was like, ‘There it is again.’ And I kept pulling the pants in every situation, it was really unnerving.”

Once the ceremony concluded, Guillermo chose to celebrate by changing his trousers and shoes, as his formal lace-ups were “like torture” on his feet.

Though once he was more comfortable he decided to head to the after-party co-hosted by Madonna and talent manager Guy Oseary.

“It was so crowded. I found the food, I found the drink and headed for the door,” the 53-year-old shared. “Then when we were going out we saw (Tesla co-founder) Elon Musk. And (director) Alejandro Inarritu was with me and he started interrogating him about recharging stations – I thought, ‘This is a good party!'”