Gwyneth Paltrow’s Ex Dating Diane Kruger

Troy beauty Diane Kruger has reportedly struck up a romance with Gwyneth Paltrow‘s ex-boyfriend and ketchup heir Chris Heinz.

American newspaper New York Daily News reports the German
model-turned-actress, 28, separated from her French husband Guillaume Canet
several months ago and has been dating Heinz in secret since November.

A friend says the romance was kept quiet so it wouldn’t affect Heinz’s
step-father Senator John Kerry’s presidential campaign for the White House last

The pal says, “It was an issue during the campaign. Chris and Diane had to
keep it quiet. But now that the campaign is over, they’re more comfortable
going public.”

In a recent interview with Harper’s & Queen magazine, Kruger said of her
marriage, “I was so young. It’s hard. I’ve taken on the attitude that if we’re
meant to be together, then we will be. I’m not going to give up my life, my
work. Either we try to make it work or not.”

Heinz was recently overheard chatting to his ex-love Paltrow, who he dated
for a few months in 2001, saying he would like to become a father.

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