Gwyneth Paltrow shares memories and photos from Indonesia trip on blog

Gwyneth Paltrow has shared her memories and photos from a family trip she took to Indonesia with her kids Moses and Apple on her weekly blog newsletter. The actress uses to share lifestyle tips, recipes and lists of her favourite things with fans and friends, but her latest issue is devoted to a recent dream vacation.
She explains, “This past May, a dream of mine came true when I traveled to Indonesia for the first time. Through a very unique travel agency called Momentum (who specialize in adventures) we found an expat named Patti, who has built a beautiful boat that sails around the archipelago.
“Never did I imagine that we would run our hands through the dark ocean at night and watch it light up with phosphorous, see a Komodo dragon in the wild, swim over a massive sea turtle, or be taught to make native dishes in situ. Special thanks to Momentum for treating us and hosting this trip we were incredibly lucky to take, and will never, ever forget.”
Her blog features photos of herself and her kids with locals and artistic holiday snapshots of landscapes, food and wildlife.
Paltrow and her children spent four days sailing around the Indonesian archipelago on a “traditional Indonesian trade boat”, adding, “Before we set sail off the coast of Labuana, Nasir, one of the crew members who also built the boat, performed an Indonesian ritual for safe passage. Nasir turned out to be a total rock star – singing, dancing and tandem water skiing with me.”
The actress and her kids also learned how to turn trash into useful items as part of the trip: “When we would arrive at a new beach, we would all spend 20 minutes picking up the debris that had washed up on shore. Among the refuse are small brown glass bottles, which seem to be everywhere. We saved those and the crew showed us how to turn them into homemade lanterns by filling them with kerosene and making a homemade wick.
“We lit the beach by perching them on the rocks… At the end of the night we lit giant rice paper lanterns and sent them off with a prayer. (Moses is now a pyro thanks to this particular evening).”
Paltrow also shares recipes for some of the local dishes she enjoyed on the boat trip as part of her latest post.