Hacking suspect arrested in Romania

A former taxi driver accused of hacking the email accounts of stars including Leonardo DiCaprio and Nicole Kidman has been arrested in Romania. Marcel Lazar Lehel, 42, was detained by police following a raid on his home in Arad, Romania on Wednesday (22Jan14).
A statement from Romanian authorities reads, “There is reasonable suspicion that during 2013, based on a single criminal charge, the accused… accessed repeatedly and against the law, in violation of security measures, email accounts belonging to public figures… Subsequently, the accused disclosed the content of the correspondence in public, and committed fraudulent damage in the online privacy and denigrating public image of the persons concerned (sic).”
Lehel is believed to be the hacker known as Guccifer who allegedly accessed email accounts belonging to DiCaprio and Kidman.
A script for the season four finale of British TV show Downton Abbey was also allegedly leaked by Guccifer, as well as an unfinished draft of a novel by Sex and the City author Candace Bushnell.