Hairdresser to the stars rescued from Mount Everest

Hairdresser to the stars Daniel Galvin has undergone three spinal operations since he was rescued from Mount Everest after suffering a back injury during a gruelling climb. The stylist, whose clients have included Madonna, Adele and Sharon Stone, trekked up the world’s highest peak earlier this year (13), but had to be flown to safety after suffering sickness and pain.
He has now revealed he underwent three surgeries on his back after he returned to the U.K.
Galvin tells Britain’s Daily Mail, “I began to feel unwell. It was freezing cold and my back just couldn’t take the severity of the climbing. The shortcut down required constant navigation of uneven territory and, despite me being pretty fit, I just wasn’t up to it. (My friend) Brendan tried to get me to safety, but because of the rugged terrain, the pain became intolerable. Eventually, I was flown home to Britain as an emergency…”
Galvin is still recovering after undergoing three operations, but hopes to be back on his feet soon.
He adds, “I was warned the operations carry a risk of paralysis, but it was a risk I had to take. I am still in agony and on strong painkillers. And I’ll be laid up for several more weeks yet.”