Halle Gives Howie the Business

Halle Berry wants to know: Where’s Regis when you need him?

The actress clashed mildly with fill-in co-host Howie Mandel today on “Live With Regis and Kathie Lee,” after Mandel opened the show with a hit-and-run joke at Berry’s expense.

Mandel quipped that he had “bumped” into Berry backstage before the show, but she failed to stop and kept walking past him down a hallway. It was, of course, an allusion to Berry’s hit-and-run accident in Los Angeles earlier this year, which resulted in criminal charges and a civil suit.

“I was so shocked to come to what’s like a home, and to be disrespected almost to my face,” Berry said, adding that she “loves” Regis and Kathie Lee. She didn’t have to say how she feels about Mandel.

“To be joked about, almost to your face, that’s a hard thing to rise above today,” she said.

Mandel, wearing a goatee and a dumb-looking leather derby cap (backwards, to make him loop more hip), quickly lost his cojones.

“Right here, on national TV, I apologize,” he said. “If I felt that what I was saying would hurt you, I would never have said it. I knew you were watching. I thought you would laugh.”

The two shook hands, exchanged pecks on the cheek, and it was over.