Hamish Blake becomes first time father

Australian TV star Hamish Blake has become a dad for the first time. The Hamish and Andy comedian welcomed a boy, named Sonny, with his wife Zoe Foster on Saturday (10May14).
He announced the news on Australia and America’s Mother’s Day by posting a picture of his newborn child on Instagram.com.
In a caption alongside the image, he writes, “I met a young man called Sonny yesterday who I am particularly fond of. I just told him that @zotheysay is the best mum in the world, and as fate would have it, she’s also his mum. He nodded, closed his eyes and said ‘so that makes you my father’.
“I was very proud of his vocab (vocabulary) for a 20 hour old. Today’s a Mother’s Day I don’t think I’ll forget in a hurry. There’s not a happier man on earth. It’s pure love…”
Blake and Foster have been married since 2012.