Harrison back in hospital for cancer treatment

Former Beatle George Harrison is reportedly back in the hospital to undergo further throat and lung cancer treatment.

According to London’s The Daily Telegraph, Harrison is staying at the Staten Island University Hospital under the name of George Arrias–his wife’s maiden name–and is under the supervision of Dr. Gil Lenderman, known for his treatment of patients with advanced cancer.

A source told the publication that Harrison was “very frail and gaunt.”

If the report is true, this is not Harrison‘s first battle with cancer.

In May, he underwent surgery at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., to remove a cancerous growth from one of his lungs. Harrison was also treated for a brain tumor at a Swiss cancer clinic.

Furthermore, Harrison received treatment for throat cancer after finding a lump on his neck in 1997, undergoing radiation therapy at Britain’s leading cancer treatment center, the Royal Marsden Hospital.

Harrison has blamed years of cigarette smoking for his illness.

Former Beatles producer George Martin told London’s Daily Mail newspaper last May that “[Harrison] has an indomitable spirit but he knows he is going to die soon and he is willing to accept that.”

The singer replied with a statement of his own, saying that he was disappointed and disgusted by the report, which he called unsubstantiated, untrue and totally uncalled for. Harrison also stated that he was active and feeling very well.

On Oct. 1, Harrison recorded the song “A Horse To Water” with his son Dhani and pianist Jools Holland at his Switzerland home. The tune will appear on Holland‘s album Small World, Big Friends on Nov. 19 in the UK, BBC News reported.