Harrison Ford to the Rescue

Action star Harrison Ford is being credited with a real-life heroic act: rescuing a hiker in the Idaho back country. Sarah George, 20, and friend Megan Freeman, 22, set out on a hike in Table Mountain in Idaho Falls on July 31, but when the pair reached the summit after their five-hour trek, George was dehydrated and could barely move.

A passing hiker called in for help using his cell phone, and the “Indiana Jones” star, who volunteers as a mountain rescuer, answered the call in his Bell 407 helicopter.

With the aid of an onboard medic, George was loaded in the plane and lifted out.

It wasn’t an entirely smooth rescue, though. Before landing at a hospital, George vomited into the cap of an EMT worker.

“I can’t believe I barfed in Harrison Ford’s helicopter,” George said.

There was no room in the plane for Freeman, so she had to hike back.