“Harry Potter” gets set for video

All the hype about witchcraft and wizardry à la Harry Potter is back.

Warner Home Video (WHV) is getting ready to launch Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone on video May 28, just six months after its big screen premiere, Variety reports.

With a $25 million marketing campaign, sales for the already $312 million grossing motion picture are now expected to cast magical spells upon the video industry.

Video producer David Heyman doesn’t lack confidence, either. “We believe we can make this the biggest video release ever,” he said.

And WHV just might do it with their pricing scale. The VHS and 2-disc DVD are set for a suggested retail price of $24.99 and $26.99, respectively–a bargain, considering many blockbuster films begin selling at $26.99 for VHS and up to $39.99 for a double-disc DVD set.

Not to mention both VHS and DVD will have extra footage not included on the big screen (although DVD will have much more). Also on DVD, expect a 360-degree self-guided tour of Hogwarts, interviews with director Chris Columbus and others, an introduction to Hogwarts’ ghosts and interactive games of quidditch.

And this is just the beginning of the plugs.

If you don’t get inundated with Harry video ads, your kids certainly will. WHV’s marketing campaign is expected to reach 95% of kids 6-11 years-old more than 15 times each from May 16 to June 16.