Harry Potter Wants to Help

The British Broadcasting Company’s charity Comic Relief, which is similar to the one in the U.S., has received a magical infusion.

JK Rowling, Britain’s most famous children’s author, has written two special Harry Potter books – “Quidditch through the Ages” and “Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them” — for the charity. The books’ proceeds will help to put an end to poverty and social injustice.

Rowling told Reuters, “There is something wonderful about the idea that laughter should be used to combat real tragedy and poverty and suffering and it just is the most wonderful thing.” She added, “So when Comic Relief asked me to write something I thought I would just love to write them, I just thought it would be so much fun and I was completely correct. It was more fun than I’ve had writing the others.”

“Beasts” is a book for wizard-in-training Harry to read to prepare himself at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. “Quidditch” is a guide to the most popular Hogwarts’ sport, a game with flying balls and broomsticks.

Kevin Cahill, chief executive of Comic Relief, told Reuters, “JK Rowlings’s gift of these two short stories to Comic Relief is beyond extraordinary.”

Helen Fielding, the popular British novelist whose books “Bridget Jones’s Diaries” are top-sellers, also contributed a short story to the cause. Called “Bridget Jones’s Guide to Life,” the story features the dieting, smoking, man-hunting single woman offering tips on happy homemaking such as how to throw the perfect dinner party.