Harvey Keitel: ‘Forget Hollywood’

Harvey Keitel has some advice for aspiring directors: Forget Hollywood.

The veteran actor of more than 50 Hollywood films was quick to trash the town that made him a star, Reuters reports. Keitel handed down his advice today at the 41st International Thessaloniki Film Festival, where many aspiring artists were present.

“Don’t ask me any questions about Hollywood. … What is more important is you with the camera, a story, some actors, some friends and suffering and struggling to tell your stories,” Keitel said.

The 61-year-old actor was at the event to promote his latest film, “Ulysses Gaze,” with its Greek director, The Angelopoulos. In the film, Keitel plays a Greek filmmaker who goes on a spiritual journey from Greece to the post-war Balkans.

“I wish Hollywood would come to Greece and stay in some of the theaters that your ancestors created. To be on the mountainside of Delphi, it’s a bit different from Beverly Hills,” Keitel said.

Keitel currently plays the devil in Adam Sandler‘s “Little Nicky.” Although Keitel is best known for his dramatic roles, he took on the role in Sandler‘s comedy for amusement, he said.

Little Nicky, with Adam Sandler, was just to have some fun.”