Harvey Weinstein misses The Butler screening over bad weather

Movie mogul Harvey Weinstein was forced to miss a special screening of Lee Daniels’ The Butler last week (end11Aug13) when his helicopter was grounded by bad weather. The legendary film producer was due to fly from Manhattan to the Hamptons on Friday (09Aug13) to introduce a preview of the historical movie for famous guests including Jon Bon Jovi and Edie Falco.
However, Weinstein’s flight was cancelled due to heavy rain, and The Butler’s screenwriter Danny Strong read a letter from him instead, according to New York Post gossip column Page Six. In the note, the movie boss poked fun at his studio’s recent battle with rivals Warner Bros. over the film’s name, joking, “I do want to thank a number of people for helping us (with this film). First and foremost: Warner Brothers – without that controversy, I would have had to spend $10 million to buy advertising like that, so I appreciate that and my children will now be able to go to college.”
The film was renamed Lee Daniels’ The Butler after Warner Bros. executives filed a lawsuit claiming they owned the rights to the title The Butler.