Georgina Chapman Stands by Harvey Weinstein


Movie mogul Harvey Weinstein’s wife Georgina Chapman is standing by her man as he faces decades old allegations of sexual harassment.

The producer has taken a leave of absence from The Weinstein Company following the publication of a New York Times article detailing his inappropriate behavior.

Weinstein, who is planning to sue the newspaper for inaccuracies in the story, has also apologized for his “bad behavior”, while denying accusations of sexual harassment leveled at him in the piece by actress Ashley Judd.

And he has one powerful woman supporting him – his wife, Marchesa fashion designer Chapman.

“She stands 100 per cent behind me,” the 65-year-old movie executive told the New York Post.

Georgina and I have talked about this at length. “We went out with (attorney) Lisa Bloom… when we knew the article was coming out. Georgina will be with Lisa and others kicking my a** to be a better human being and to apologize to people for my bad behavior, to say I’m sorry, and to absolutely mean it.”

Harvey also told the Post he has had several “tough conversations” with his family, adding, “my family is standing with me”.

He told the Daily Mail, “I have a journey and I have to prove to every person that’s out there that I’m worthy of them and I have to prove to my family the same thing.”

The reporters behind the Times expose, which was published on Thursday (05Oct17), claim eight women, including Judd, spoke out against Weinstein, who allegedly reached at least eight settlements with women who complained about his inappropriate behavior.

Despite the apologies, Weinstein is planning to sue the Times for $50 million. Along with Bloom, Weinstein is also being represented by Charles Harder, the lawyer who won a $140 million settlement for Hulk Hogan against news website Gawker last year (16).