Hasselbeck plagiarism suit dismissed

Author Susan Hassett filed legal papers against the U.S. TV personality last year (09), claiming Hasselbeck lifted text from her book, Living With Celiac Disease, to create her best-seller, The G-Free Diet: A Gluten-Free Survival Guide.

In the documents filed at a Massachusetts’ federal court, Hassett claimed Hasselbeck included “dozens of paraphrased as well as word for word regurgitation’s of phrases”.

A judge rejected the lawsuit on a technicality but Hassett refiled the request.

However, the case was officially dismissed on Friday (03Dec10) because there was not enough evidence to prove the star had violated the writer’s copyright, reports TMZ.com.

Hasselbeck’s attorney tells the website, “Today’s ruling is a complete victory. It confirms that Elisabeth wrote her best-selling book The G-Free Diet based on her own personal experiences and did not copy a thing from the plaintiff.”