Hawaii Five-O returning to TV

Producers at U.S. network CBS are revamping the action drama for a new generation of viewers, although they insist the modernised programme is not a remake of the beloved original.

Executive producer Alex Kurtzman says, “A remake suggests we are doing exactly the same thing again.

“We felt we had to find the spirit of the original and bring it into modern times. (It) pays tribute to everything that was good about the original show.”

Australian actor Alex O’Laughlin will step into the shoes of original star Jack Lord to portray Detective Steve McGarrett, while James Caan’s son Scott will play his sidekick, Danny ‘Danno’ Williams, reports Reuters.

The story will follow McGarrett back to Hawaii to investigate the murder of his father, before being asked to set up an elite crime-fighting force.

But one thing will remain the same – producers have promised to keep the iconic theme tune that turned the show into a worldwide TV hit in the late 1960s.