Hawn’s former tutor applauds actress for new parenting book

GreatSchools.org editor Carol Lloyd admits she picked up the star’s new tome 10 Mindful Minutes and expected it to be full of celebrity nonsense – mainly because she spent so much time with her teenage son and found Hawn lacking as a mum.

Lloyd reveals Hawn’s son, who she doesn’t name, didn’t know the definition of the word ‘elite’.

She writes, “I recall glancing around the room in search of tangible examples. Everything in the room was elite and so, in effect, nothing was. Without the discernment that comes with an education, even the ba-zillion dollar Cezanne over the mantle meant precious little.”

She also states that she never met Hawn or the boy’s father during her time as his tutor.

She adds, “So it was with some scepticism that I picked up actress Goldie Hawn’s new book 10 Mindful Minutes. What could a celebrity have to teach me about spending quality time with my child?

“Why she never took a single mindful minute to meet her child’s high school tutor I’ll never know (lord knows what my child’s babysitters have to recall about me).”

But Lloyd gives her “former employer” credit for co-writing a fine book about parenting.

She concludes, “There are plenty of self-congratulatory passages about Hawn’s superlative mothering instincts… But, for all its flaws, Hawn… (has) created one of the most thoughtful parenting books in circulation. 10 Mindful Minutes seeks to address a significant need – children’s mental and emotional health – with (dare I say it?) a brilliant idea: blending latest findings from psychology and neuroscience with eastern mindfulness practices to help kids help themselves.”

Hawn is mother to actors Kate and Oliver Hudson from her first marriage, and son Wyatt, with her longterm partner Kurt Russell.