He Said, She Said: “American Pie 2”


By Noah Davis & Kit Bowen

Hollywood.com Staff

Does American Pie 2 measure up to the original? We asked our movie experts (yeah, right) to tell us what they thought of this newest foray into the teen flick annals. Plus, we asked which teen movie grossed them out the most.

Hollywood.com: Once again, we are talking about sequels … but was American Pie 2 as good as the original?

Kit Bowen: Nope. It’s just another rehash. I think those studio execs need to think long and hard about these things.

Noah Davis: American Pie was one of the sweetest comedies of the ’90s, and one of the smartest. Its freewheeling naughtiness was part of what made it so much fun. But it was never crass–which is why I won’t make a joke out of Kit’s use of “long and hard,” or at least not yet–and its gags coasted along gracefully. Unfortunately, you can’t say the same for American Pie 2. The writing is stiff, and I don’t mean in the good way: It’s trussed up in all the self-consciousness of a teen-age boner, with none of the illicit tingle.

Hollywood.com: While we’re on the subject of raunchiness, what was the grossest scene in this movie, and did Pie 2 out-gross the original?

Noah Davis: Eugene Levy‘s Sansabelt slacks … For pure grossness, you can’t beat Stifler getting treated like a urinal. On the whole, though, this movie is pretty tame for a gross-out comedy, and falls short even there of the original.

Kit Bowen: What? You have an aversion to polyester, Noah? That’s surprising. Yeah, there wasn’t nearly the same amount of gross-out moments. But I think that’s a good thing. Of course, poor Jason Biggs‘ character Jim has several embarrassing sexual moments, like super-gluing his hand to his nether regions.

Hollywood.com: Do you think the teen genre has finally run its course?

Kit Bowen: No, probably not. Teens love to see movies about other teens. And why shouldn’t they? But I do think the films are taking on different styles. Like this summer’s hits The Fast and the Furious and Legally Blonde.

Noah Davis: It’s dead, dead I say. At least until the next one comes out. So many times we hear critics say that this is dead or that is dead, and they’re always wrong. It’s like fashion: things go in cycles. Right now teen movies are pretty hot, and while they may have a cooling-off period, they’ll never die. Sort of like bell bottoms.

Kit Bowen: What’s with you and clothes today? [Davis shrugs]

Hollywood.com: What’s the best teen gross-out movie of all time? If the sequel can’t eclipse the original, is American Pie the top of the heap?

Noah Davis: If we’re talkin’ gross out, we’re talkin’ John Waters. Who else but “The Pope of Trash” could use a 350-pound transvestite in one of his movies, and then make her/him eat doggie poop? Who else but the “Prince of Puke” could say that his own work has “no socially redeeming value?” Waters’ classic, Pink Flamingos, remains the Citizen Kane of the gross-out multiplex.

Kit Bowen: Well, that’s very enlightening, Noah. However, while my choice may not be as truly disgusting as my colleague’s, I still think Animal House is still one of the best teen flicks around. John Belushi as a zit is classic.

Hollywood.com: Of the Pie cast, who do you think is bound for stardom … and who isn’t?

Kit Bowen: Well, some have already tried, like Mena Suvari costarring in the Best Picture winner American Beauty. But unfortunately, she hasn’t followed up with stellar choices. I really like Eddie Kaye Thomas, who plays Finch. He’s got an interesting quality about him.

Noah Davis: Eddie Kaye Thomas is a goof, much like my colleague. My pick, as would any sane person’s be, is Natasha Lyonne. While wasted in the American Pie series, she’s shown a real depth in her ability. A veteran of more than 15 films, Natasha was brilliant in Slums of Beverly Hills. Her choice of films must get better, however, to ensure a real date with success.