He Said, She Said: “Planet of the Apes”


By Noah Davis & Kit Bowen

Hollywood.com Staff

The highly anticipated reinterpretation of Planet of the Apes has finally made it to the theaters. Hollywood.com talked to our intrepid reporters Kit Bowen and Noah Davis about their views on the film, its comparison to the original, director Tim Burton‘s style and what the world would be like if apes actually ran it.

Hollywood.com: Now that the anticipation is finally over, how does this Ape movie compare to the original?

Kit Bowen: Really, you can’t compare the two. This one was so much more advanced, technically and visually. However, Burton does pay homage and gives some respect to the original, which was fun.

Noah Davis: I hate to agree with Kit, but I have to. Burton‘s Planet of the Apes is awesome! The apes were much more realistic, both physically and in mannerisms. The action was nonstop and intense. The new film does pay homage to the original cult classic, which is nice, in an appropriately tongue-in-cheek manner. There’s no mincing words, however. This re-imagined movie is clearly better than the original.

Hollywood.com: Can this movie deliver on its promise and give Fox another hit franchise series, as the original did? Is Mark Wahlberg a strong enough character to stick around?

Kit Bowen: The ending certainly leaves the possibilities of a sequel wide open. Love those twists at the end. And this one is a doozy. Mark Wahlberg worked fine for that role. Helena Bonham Carter and Tim Roth, however, made the movie. Reminded me of some of your relatives, Noah.

Noah Davis: Most of my relatives do belong in cages. The movie itself is certainly strong enough to warrant a second installment. Mark Wahlberg, though, didn’t carry this film–as Kit pointed out, she gets one right every now and then–and wouldn’t be able to carry the sequel, either. It depends on the actors they get to play the new apes and how evil the new villains are.

Hollywood.com: And Burton‘s unique style? How does it translate in this particular world?

Kit Bowen: It’s definitely some of the best work he’s done yet. His animation background really helps when he’s constructing his sets. The Ape City is something to look at.

Noah Davis: Burton likes to create whole worlds when making a movie, such as he did in Batman. Ape City is a marvel, and is really believable as a city that apes would build, and not humans. All of the sets conveyed tone and tenor and resonated as much as a supporting actor. Burton‘s attention to detail in showing ape life in the moments between the action–apes painting with their feet, playing a uniquely simian ball game in the street, and even a little ape foreplay–seals the deal that this is a well-crafted film.

Kit Bowen: And special effects makeup artist Rick Baker must be simply exhausted. I heard he had to do something like 500 unique apes.

Hollywood.com: What if apes ran our world? What would be the biggest change, for better or worse?

Kit Bowen: First of all, Noah and his kind would be a lot better off. I suppose we’d have more things to climb on … and more bananas.

Noah Davis: Kit doesn’t need more things to climb on … or more bananas for that matter. As idealistic and corny as this sounds, I think the biggest change would be a renewed respect for our police force. I mean do you really want to be the one saying “no” to a 300-pound gorilla who has a badge and a gun?